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Health is largely influenced by our behaviour. By changing it, we can prevent diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

About the product

The health of populations in developed countries is increasingly threatened by chronic diseases largely related to lifestyle. High blood pressure and (pre)diabetes contribute significantly to circulatory diseases, which are the leading cause of death.


The aim of the project is to bring new approaches and change behaviors to nip ill health in the bud. We will first try different combinations of digital and in-person tools from the developed world to measure health status and then improve it. We will test the most successful approaches on a larger sample and create a final integrated product, which we will then market to individuals, employers and health insurers.


The target group of the project is people over 60, but its findings will be used to help people of all ages who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure or (pre)diabetes.


The project is developed in cooperation with, Association of Towns and Municipalities of Slovakia (ZMOS), and International Development Norway AS.

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