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Online education of Czech and Slovak health professionals about post-covid syndrome

Online kurz "Všetko o dlhom covide"

About the project: The pandemic that has not left

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to be gradually fading, but the consequences in the form of post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC) remain. Its varied symptoms give doctors a hard time. Health professionals are often left to fend for themselves. This is why patients may encounter lack of understanding and comprehension when they visit the outpatients clinic.


In this program we have brought together the greatest experts in the fields of pneumology, neurology, general medicine, infectology and also experts from specialized postcovid centers in the Czech Republic (Hradec Králové) and Slovakia (Nové Zámky), who will give you their up-to-date knowledge of the diagnosis and therapeutic options of long-covid syndrome.


Data on how many people actually suffer from long covid in Slovakia and the Czech Republic are not available. However, we do know that it is tens of thousands of people. Post-covid syndrome is multidisciplinary in nature and there is no clear-cut treatment for it. We will provide first contact physicians with current experience and the latest scientific knowledge in this dynamically developing field.


This education for physicians is provided for free. You can get credits from SLK (SK) or ČPFS at ČLK (CZ) for attending webinars and completing the online course.

The recordings from these webinars are available in Slovak here.

This projected is funded by Pfizer.



Online course

Online course

10 videos about long covid with health experts. Diagnostic tests, errors in diagnostics, treatment of symptoms, all of these will be covered in the course.

Recordings of webinars

Recordings of webinars

Missed the live broadcast? Have a look at the recordings



Long covid encyclopaedia containing the most frequent symptoms, diagnostic methods and self-treatment

Short video tutorials

Short video tutorials

A file containing short videos presented by Dr. Silvia Dobrodenková, PhD.


Patient materials

The leaflet will make a patient visit quicker and more efficient for both you and the patient. It was prepared in collaboration with Dr. Silvia Dobrodenková, PhD. This leaflet can be accessed through the link and is available in an A4 Slovak or Czech version.

Info leaflet for the patient in Slovak (SK)

Info leaflet for the patient in Czech (CZ)

Facebook group: Long covid and post-covid syndrome: CZECHIA AND SLOVAKIA

Breathing exercises for patients

With the help of exercises, patients gain control over their bodies. With regular exercise, they will experience less fatigue and increased stress relief. The Covid recovery program was created by respiratory experts from STASIS, an American company, in collaboration with the top-rated Mount Sinai Hospital. Researchers have found that people suffering from post-covid syndrome breathe differently than a healthy person. By breathing incorrectly, they put strain on the nervous system and fatigue the entire body. Exercises reset the functioning of the autonomic nervous system.



Week 1: morning and afternoon exercises ‘Breathing I’ (10 minutes)
Week 2: morning ‘Breathing I’ (15 minutes), afternoon ‘Breathing II’ exercises
Week 3: morning ‘Breathing I’ (20 minutes), afternoon ‘Breathing III’ exercises
Week 4: morning ‘Breathing 1’ (30 minutes), afternoon ‘Breathing II’ or ‘Breathing III’ exercises

Breathing exercises video available in Slovak

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